7|X Founder’s Letter

7|X Founder’s Letter
By Rahshiene Taha


This day has been a long time coming.

When I started 7|X, I set out to build a community of leaders. In order to be a member, you have to hold true to a few core values:

  • Greatness: We bring quality, hard work and dedication to all aspects of our professional and personal lives.
  • Solidarity: We are stronger as a collective than we are as individuals, and when we do come together, the outcomes are exponentially greater.
  • Service: We are committed to inspiring the next generation of leaders and showing through our actions we understand that we are only great when everyone has the same opportunities we were fortunate enough to have.

7|X started with experiences focused on bringing our community together. A text message chain between three friends in 2016 turned into 50 people flying to Park City for a “Meeting of the Minds” Ski Trip. Since then, we have held two additional #7XSkiTrips, a House of 7|X hospitality space at Coachella, a Men of Valor Summit at SXSW, and #ForTheLove, our new Brunch + Day Party Series. We do it big and we have a blast every time we come together. We have a lot more planned in the future and can’t wait to continue to grow our Community one great leader and one great collective experience at a time.

Today, I’m excited to introduce the next chapter for 7|X. For years I have wanted to create a media platform focused on telling our stories, showcasing our Greatness, and highlighting our culture for the world to see— not to inflate our egos but, rather, to give young people easier access to examples of people who look like them, share a lot in common with them, and are out here building a legacy that does not only rely on a microphone or a ball. That is not a knock on athletes or entertainers — we love all kinds of excellence earned through commitment and dedication (I still want to make it to the NBA and drop an album) — but there are too many young people that are never exposed to what else is possible. We aspire to both live and shine a light on those infinite possibilities, and that is why I am so proud to finally launch our 7|X media platform, WelcomeTo7X.com.

WelcomeTo7X.com is both a window and a door for all of us to inspire and gain inspiration, to strive and thrive, to give and receive. Our platform will feature in-depth profiles of some of the dopest people in our generation; share our perspective on culture, music, business, politics, arts, sports, technology, travel, fashion and more; narrate through our own voice in a bold, loud, and declarative way; and celebrate the concrete ways we are taking action to build each other up and develop opportunities for others.

Friends, check out our site, let me know about any of the dope people in your circle we should highlight and feature, and share your valuable feedback. And if you know great people who have blogs, write articles, share podcasts, create videos, or are aspiring to do any of these things, please connect me with them — WelcomeTo7X.com is about sharing their Greatness, our Greatness, with the world.

With love,



Rahshiene Taha
Founder & CEO – 7|X
#WelcomeTo7X #Greatness

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7|X Founder’s Letter
By Rahshiene Taha
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