Our vision was simple… create a space to break bread, meet new like-minded people, and build.

We looked around and saw a few groups bringing people together, but we felt our vision for how we wanted this concept to come to life was missing. So we created it.

Welcome to Higher Order.

Higher Order is designed to be a space for intentional conversation, authentic community connection and collaboration that inspires Greatness.

No pretense. No flexing. Just real.

Our first dinner experience in Los Angeles was a tremendous success. So much so that we plan to continue the series and look forward to expanding to other cities. More to come.

A special thank you to Sam Azarow (@sazarow), Chef Lincoln Carson (@lincolncarson) and the Bon Temps team (@bontemps.la) for being such gracious hosts. We appreciate your hospitality and belief in our vision.

And most importantly, thank you to everyone who came out and supported. We look forward to continuing to build with you. Please spread the word.


All photos courtesy of Von Jackson (@von_jackson).

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Higher Order: Los Angeles
Hosted by Bon Temps and Chef Lincoln Carson
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