Inspired by Women’s History Month, 7|X and Unity In Color collaborated to explore the role that men can play in supporting the Women’s Movement. Typically women uplift, celebrate and champion each other during this time. We wanted to hear what men have to say as well.

Our conversations led to an exploration of masculinity, vulnerability and allyship.

Here’s what we heard…

We believe in the power of conversation to change the world.

Our generation is faced with myriad challenges, some of which are unprecedented to our time. From gender equality and inclusion, to global warming, to the prison industrial complex, to affordable housing, to mental health and wellness, the list goes on. Rather than seeing these as nebulous and insurmountable, we believe our generation has a responsibility to create change.

Often times the easiest and most effective way to get involved is to start a conversation. These discussions provide an opportunity for humility, for introspection, for learning, and ultimately can be the catalyst that inspires both individual and collective action.

Our hope is that this project serves as an invitation to encourage these conversations.

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A special shoutout to everyone who participated in this project. Thank you for sharing your truth and offering a perspective to help encourage introspection, dialogue and action to support the movement.


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A Conversation With Men On Allyship
Presented by 7|X and Unity In Color
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