In 2017 Gabe Williams decided to leave his dream company (Nike) and start something he could call his own; thus Davi was born. Davi combines Gabe’s love for sport, art, and music with his passion to empower Community. He has positioned Davi to provide increased outlets and opportunities to communities in need, and he believes business should play an integral role in developing the communities that support them, not the other way around.

Davos, a small town in Eastern Switzerland, is recognized universally for hosting the annual World Economic Forum (WEF). Despite its wholesome mission of “improving the state of the world”, the WEF – or simply “Davos” as it is colloquially known – is a social club of Goliaths, or essentially, the world’s business and political elite.

By contrast, Davi, a local community impact sneaker brand, was born from a bottom-up ethos that is the antithesis of Davos. Inspired by the biblical story of David and Goliath, Davi is a brand that empowers communities by putting power in the hands of the neighborhoods that define them.

Welcome to David vs. Goliath, or rather Davi vs. Goliath.

At its core, Davi is a sneaker company that offers a premium product at an affordable price. Handmade, meticulously designed, and comprehensively crafted from some of the finest materials on the market, Davi sneakers deliver a soft but stable ride so you can live without restriction.

But what makes Gabe William’s vision unique is more than exceptional craftsmanship or a compelling price-to-value ratio; rather, it is his plan to leverage the company’s business to (re)invest into the same communities that buy his product. They are Davi’s first influencers and its final recipients.

Many brands have become well known for their “Buy One, Give One” programs – from TOMS, to Warby Parker, to Roma Boots. The concept is simple: for every product you buy, the company donates a product (or the equivalent value) to an organization supporting an important cause around the world. However, the challenge with these programs is that people do not directly see the impact of this philanthropic business model. This is where Davi is different.

The Davi model is centered more intimately in the communities where its products are purchased. If you buy a pair of Davi sneakers in Chicago, a portion of your purchase will be reinvested directly in one of Chicago’s many underserved communities. What’s more significant is that the company solicits recommendations on which issues and organizations to focus on directly from community members via social media. This allows the company’s investment to be tailored to the individual needs of each of the communities that it serves.

Take, for example, its pilot market of Ft. Worth, TX (and also home to the Davi leadership team). Davi has partnered with three local organizations to provide funding and support for key initiatives; Hope Farm to fund a strength and conditioning facility, I.M. Terrell Academy to further their visual and performing arts programs, and Young Women’s Leadership Academy to help further their arts program.

  • Hope Farm is focused on guiding at-risk, fatherless boys to become Christ-centered men of integrity
  • M. Terrell Academy is a historical Ft. Worth high school working to create a learning environment that will develop and nurture artistic talents, creative thinkers, and innovative problem solvers
  • Young Women’s Leadership Academy – provides an outstanding college preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on math, science, and technologies

All of these programs will be funded through proceeds from sneakers sold in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Gabe knows the athletic footwear industry is a difficult one to break into, but his belief in Davi and its mission is as steadfast as David’s was in the abilities that God had bestowed upon him. Davi lives for the moments where one person steps into what is believed to be impossible.


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