#WayBackWednesday: Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows

#WayBackWednesday: Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows
Back Down Memory Lane

I’m not sure how your childhood unfolded, but after-school and weekend television were essential to my routine as a kid. And this was a time way before DVR and on-demand binge watching… I’m talking about appointment viewing. I had to build my schedule around certain shows just to make sure I stayed up-to-date for the debrief at school the next day.

And there was no better network than Nickelodeon to get your fix of classic, must-see shows daily. So today we pay our respects to Nickelodeon for #WBW with our Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows of all time.


I mean who didn’t love Rugrats? I always wondered how the adults never caught on to all the adventures these babies were having on a daily basis. I mean the babies would even talk directly around the adults and nobody would notice? Anyways, Angelica was famous for terrorizing all the kids, especially Chucky and Tommy. Susie (shouts to Nickelodeon for support the Black Girl Magic early!) had so much sass and would put Angelica in place – I was digging that. And Tommy loved that Reptar cereal, even though it looked like a weak dry ass bowl of fruit loops. What a classic!

Double Dare

I don’t know any kid that didn’t want to go on this game show. We always felt we’d kill it if we ever got on the show. But all the homies knew our mom wasn’t going through all that trouble to get us on Double Dare. “Better Double Dare yo a** outside, I gotta go to work in the morning” (black mom voice).


How many people remember the tv show Gladiators? That’s basically what this was for kids. We watched this knowing we were too athletic not to dominate. All the running and climbing we did as kids, this would’ve been easy money. Too bad they never invited any kids from Seattle on the show.


I used to lowkey feel like Doug was way too sad for a kid with such a good life. His homie Skeeter was cool, his dog Porkchop was always down to roll… what more could a kid want? I was never really feeling his fantasy superhero Quailman; I thought he could’ve aimed a little higher. But hey, if you’re into rocking drawls on top of your head and living your best life, do your thing! Nonetheless, this show was great and I’m glad Patti Mayonnaise eventually showed him some love.

Legends of The Hidden Temple

Man listen… this was easily one of the best Nickelodeon shows ever (along with Wild and Crazy Kids, first on my Best of the Rest list). The temple course was often a little corny, but we all still wanted to give it a try. The booby traps and riddles that you had to solve really made you feel like the fate of these players was in your hands.

Don’t see your favorites on the list? Hit us with your Top 5 on IG, Twitter or in the comments!

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#WayBackWednesday: Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows
Back Down Memory Lane
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