Trading Nintendo games used to be the best part of being a shorty. If you were like me, you couldn’t leave the house after school until your parents got home from work (worst!). So once you got to the house, all there was to do was make a PB&J, do your homework, and get these video games popping until mom and pops pulled up.

This week in nostalgia, we’re dedicated Way Back Wednesday (#WBW) to the Top 5 Nintendo games of all time (in no particular order).

Double Dribble

Fastbreaks and perfecting that leaning three-pointer was the biggest cheat code ever. Not sure if y’all remember, but you could hold the release on your jumpshot mad long which made it impossible to block. Plenty of afternoons were ruined with homies battling (and fighting) on this game.

Techmo Bowl

Playing with the Raiders just to use the most unstoppable force in any video game ever. Bo Jackson. The 49ers offense was almost unfair too with Montana and Jerry Rice. Being able to scramble backwards for 40 yards and then heave a pass almost 60 or 70 yards for a touchdown in the stuff of legends. But also absurdly unrealistic. Who cares, this was our first real football game and we played this until the Nintendo was hot enough to make a grilled cheese sammich.


This dirt bike completion of a game was lit. Poppin wheelies and mastering the courses kept everybody wanting to play this game. It was probably my most traded game when I needed some new action.

Ninja Turtles

Following the most popular carton as a kid only seemed right to make a video game. There was no such thing as a memory card and this game was long. So you know what we did? We’d leave the game on all night, wake up bright and early to keep the party going. Yea we were savages but we be damned if we killed all them foot soldiers just to start all over the next day. No way Jose’


If you didn’t enjoy hitting the old man with the newspaper or having to pedal hella fast from the dogs on your paper route then I don’t know what to tell you. This game is kind of underrated but if you had this one in your collection I can’t imagine it wasn’t in steady rotation.

Don’t see your favorites on the list? Hit us with your Top 5 on IG, Twitter or in the comments!

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